Crafting a Good Morning

There’s two types of morning weather I love:

  1. Sunshine and cool air,
  2. Gloomy and cooler air.

But even if I love the weather, I have to start it off right. I’ve learned that the best days always involve waking up early (between 5-6) and making a breakfast of eggs, bagel, banana, and coffee with butter and coconut oil (yeah, yeah, yeah, super weird, I know, but it’s energizing).

After that it’s all about getting outside—ideally on two wheels. This is where the cool weather is great. On a bicycle, cool air keeps down the sweat, but also helps soothes muscles on a long ride. Not to mention that it’s easier to breathe in cool air. No matter how I commute—bicycle, motorcycle, train, car2go, walking—cool morning air energizes me and puts me in the right headspace.

Today, it’s one of those gloomy, cooler mornings. I was lucky enough to commute on my motorcycle with the wind blasting past me. While on my bike and sitting in traffic I usually stretch and look around. This time in the back of the bus beside me half a dozen boys furiously waved and ‘peace-signed’ me. I think waving back made all of our days.

That’s how I start a good day.

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